For those of you who wish to honor Mike and Eleonora with a gift, we have two options to choose from:

1) A donation to TeKi TeKua, Eleonora's dance company. Fifteen years of hard work have resulted in over 70 dancers between 4 and 40 - performing contemporary urban dance art from Switzerland's biggest stages to German TV to Wuhan (yes you heard right). Your donation will help TeKi TeKua, a non-profit association, bring joy to more children and young adults as we continue to build what our world needs most: a sense of shared community.

2) Support for our move to a new house in Ticino. Our current house is not very kid-friendly, so we are planning ahead!

Michael Keller 

Piazza 7 

6611 Crana


IBAN: CH1000764165117862001 


Banca Stato

Via vecchio Naviglio 4

6600 Locarno