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The ancient baths of Craveggia

In a hilly, densely overgrown Ticino side valley, a narrow road winds its way up the slopes. You pass countless small villages until the road ends in Spruga. This is where the 40-minute hike down to the Isorno River starts. There, at the very back of the Onsernone Valley, are the Craveggia baths. They are the ruins of an old bath with a thermal spring. Even today, water gushes from the spring on Italian soil with a temperature of up to 28 degrees.

At the end of the Onsernone Valley, down by the Isorno River, are the ruins of the former Craveggia baths. The Bagni die Creveggia are on Italian soil, but can only be reached through Switzerland. In 2015, the Italian government installed two new granite bathtubs.

There are still several old bathtubs in the ruins.

However, these bathtubs are no longer fed by water.

First an adventurous drive into the Onsernone Valley, then a leisurely hike to the river, the short jump over the border and a refreshing swim in the thermal spring.
What more does it take for a successful family outing?

Author: Marcel Hähni SRF 1 outdoor reporter

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